“Faith is hope for things not yet seen.”

Do you recall the copious number of days spent day dreaming about things that made you happy as a child? Dreaming about life aspirations, goals, adventures, love, friends, family, animals, toys, nature, ocean, space, etc… Things that brought us joy. As adults, we eventually come to the realization how precious that childhood innocence truly was. It is what makes humans such easy conduits to the magical manifestations that the Universe offers.

So how do we tap back into our child-like innocence, imagination and fluid ability to manifest?

By dreaming.

Dream. Visualize what it is you want. Think of every big and small detail of your dream. Feel it, taste it, touch it, sense it, and hear it. Really truly utilize all of your senses while you are visualizing, which tricks the subconscious mind to believe that your dream is already a reality. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between past, present and future. It just “is” and accepts everything that we think about, which is why it is crucial to monitor and be mindful of our thoughts. I go into further detail in my eBook here. But when there is a disconnect between the dreams and manifestation of those dreams, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. When this happens, it can be easy to feel disheartened and feel like giving up but, please don’t! It is said that the moments we feel like giving up is when we are close to breakthroughs (aka “the tipping point”). I truly believe this. So to assist my friends in this journey called Life, I have compiled a list of tips I created from my own personal experience, research and study of successful, like-minded people like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, and Brian Tracy to name a few.

FOCUS When visualizing/day dreaming, focus on what you want and how you want it (do not focus on what you don’t want, ever). Once you’re done your visualization, come back and stay present in the Now. Feel your desires lightly then see and feel them float away from you. Focus on the goals you desire for your life. Focus on the good that is in your life and around you. Focus on gratitude by writing a list of things you are grateful for, big and small. Focus on success – past, present and future – and focus on how good it feels. Cultivate a healthy perspective on Life by looking for the good, love, light and positive in everything; focus on that.

VISION Have a vision for your life. If you’re not sure of how your overall life will look like yet, have a vision of how you want the next week, month or year to look. An easy exercise to help cultivate your life’s vision is to focus on what brings you joy. Make a list of what makes you happy, what your passions are, your hobbies and talents, your family and friends, your career, etc… Once you have a list, create a vision board and have fun! Place your vision board in a place where you will clearly see it. My vision board is in front of my desk above my computer.

YOU DESERVE THE BEST Simply put, you deserve to dream big. If you feel like dreaming big is not a possibility, stop that feeling right this minute and let’s reprogram your subconscious mind by replacing this negative belief with a more positive and loving belief. It may feel strange at first to tell yourself that you are deserving but over time, this will become a natural and loving thought. Become your own greatest cheerleader and supporter. Know the immeasurable value of your dreams and treasure it with all of your body, mind and soul. The only approval one needs in life is of our own. Show yourself honour through self-compassion, self-love and kindness.

CONSISTENCY Manifesting your dreams into reality takes daily consistent action. Commit to taking 1, 2, or 3 action steps per day that will propel you towards your vision and goals. Small consistent steps will result in big results. Tony Robbins says so!

INTENTION Dr. Wayne Dyer taught that the best way to plan your day (week, month, year, life) for success is to plan for it the night before. So before going to sleep, plan what needs to be accomplished the next day and visualize yourself as already accomplishing them. The next morning, wake up with the same intention and plan and get to crossing them off your to-do list. Setting ourselves up for success takes careful planning but most importantly, execution! Hold the intention to take action towards accomplishing your goals.

PATIENCE Patience is the key to all of the effort put into making our big dreams a reality. It’s important to allow sufficient time for events to take place. Put in your share of the manifestation process then allow the Universe to work its magic on the rest. Trust in the timing of your life. Admittedly, this is a tricky step but there are some simple ways to remain in the present moment. Yoga, meditation, exercise, baths/showers, animals, being out in nature and near bodies of water helps detoxify and lift the stress, anxiety and worry that comes with wanting things to come into our lives immediately. Whatever emotions you’re feeling, experience it then express gratitude. Gratitude brings our mind and soul back to the present moment, allowing feelings of peace and clarity to flow through us, which is integral to manifestation. Being in the flow allows for the energies to simply happen.

ACCOUNTABILITY As best as you can, remain accountable for your actions. Be loving and without judgment, guide yourself towards a healthy, disciplined and productive work ethic. If accountability is easier to do with a friend, partner, family or mentor, then do look for that assistance. Setting up daily accountability meetings/reviews really exercises the integrity, honor and commitment we possess. Accountability is a quality that is highly sought after and greatly prized in life.

SUMMARY Oftentimes when we feel are feeling “stuck” in an area of our life, sometimes the best thing we can do is to simplify it. Go back to the drawing board. Reassess your vision and create a new plan of action. A minor adjustment can make all the difference. Take time out of your day to day dream like a child. Let your imagination run absolutely wild! Explore the hidden innate talents and creativity within you and allow full expression of them. Protect and grow your dreams fiercely like the precious gifts that they are. Let your light shine and love radiate.

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Grace Armani, xx