How To Build A Capsule Autumn Closet

Curate a Knockout Fall Wardrobe You Can Rock Season After Season

Autumn 2017 has officially kicked-off and I can’t be any happier so I would like to celebrate with my first fashion related post on how to build a capsule autumn closet. This is definitely my favourite season of the year thanks to the chic layering of blouses, sweaters and coats. There’s nothing sexier than showing a bit of skin underneath all of the cozy layers that I find so alluring and captivating in and of itself. Sometimes it’s not always about baring it all that screams sexy.

But the biggest reason I love fall fashion is because a girl can create a capsule autumn closet that can withstand time. Whatever the clothing item you’re looking for, there are important qualities to keep in mind at all times: Material, Color, Fit, Quality. By following these requirements, you are sure to curate a capsule autumn closet that will have you looking stylish and time after time, you will be able to rely on these autumn closet staples to look super chic and elegant, regardless of the trends.ย Whether you’re grabbing brunch with friends, having cocktails with your girlfriends, going on a date, working at your job or out shopping, these key capsule autumn closet staples will have you looking put together and leaving an impression every season.

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The Transitional Coat

The most notable mention I must make is the transitional coat because when it comes to layering, the outermost layer is going to be the most important. There are a number of styles and colors to choose from but whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong. I personally love a classic trench coat but of course, there are many great options to choose from. This autumn closet staple will have you looking tres chic and tres cool – need I say more?

When finding the right coat, it’s important to keep in mind the material it is made of, color, fit and quality. You don’t necessarily have to splurge but definitely take your time to do your research to invest in this piece. I currently own two trench coats, one from Zara and one from Forever 21, both of which I’ve had for a number of years, which is sort-of impressive given that both companies are not as well known for their quality. The trick is to choose a material that is heavier and can withstand snags and stretching. Pick a color that is neutral, like a classic camel or a light khaki or will compliment your other autumn clothes. If you are bold and enjoy wearing colour (like me) then I would suggest autumn tones like mustard, military green, ruby red, red/orange tones, muted blue, navy blue or emerald green.

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The Sweater Dress

Fall in love with fall with transitional and easy to style pieces like the sweater dress. No matter what you’re getting up to, a sweater dress paired under a transitional coat and styled with beautiful autumn boots will have you turning heads. There are many reasons to love the sweater dress; it is easy and comfortable to wear, flatters the figure, shows off the legs, and can be easily transitioned from a day-to-night look.

Look for sweater dresses that are made of high quality materials and that are tightly woven (to avoid pilling and snags). Be mindful of the shape and color of the sweater dress as well, depending on your style and body type. If you’re not sure what style of sweater dress to shop for, a good general rule is that the sweater dress should be form fitting but not overly snug and does not bunch in all of the wrong places like the arms and mid-riff area. Avoid large prints and opt for solid colored dresses with minimal detailing or with detailing that is concentrated on a certain area. To avoid looking bulky, a belt or a sweater dress with stomach-cinching detailing is great to create an hour-glass figure and not look like a potato sack.

The Skirt

Naturally the easiest way to jump from summer into fall whilst enjoying the summer vibes are through short and flirty skirts. Invest in skirts that are made of classic materials like jean, wool or corduroy and you will be able to pair them with any top, jacket or shoe. Style a skirt with a graphic t-shirt, sweater or blouse and play with colours and patterns, heavier textures, ruffles and layers. If you’re not much of a skirt gal, try opting for shorts as an alternative. As the weather gets colder, keep your legs warm with thick tights, knee high socks, long wool coats and leather boots.

My go-to autumn look is always a skirt, knitted sweater, thigh high or over-the-knee boots, a hat and statement earrings. Oftentimes I will make a quick outfit change from day-to-night by changing out of my jeans and right into a feminine skirt for the evening. This outfit combo works every single time!

The Trouser

Denim jeans are a must but so are trousers in a staple autumn capsule wardrobe. Whether it’s wool, leather, cotton, velvet, red, black, green, blue, cigarette, wide leg or high-waisted – consider these timeless options and you will look elegant and sophisticated year after year. Pair the trouser with a tucked-in blouse, a turtleneck sweater, camisole and cardigan, a blazer, coat or chunky knit. You can wear it with sneakers, ankle boots, court heels, loafers or flats depending on the occasion. If you were to have just one trouser, pick a black pair that is fitted and tailored to suit your body.

The Jacket

You will notice that all fashionable girls have a great jacket that is adds that extra cool factor to any look. What I mean are leather biker jackets, aviator jackets, bomber jackets, jean jackets, a great tailored blazer, parka, shearling jackets, faux fur jackets, military jackets and so on. The options really are endless! So pick a style that you absolutely love and invest in a jacket that you know will elevate your autumn looks to the next level.

I personally love a good biker jacket. The tough look of a biker jacket can really balance out a feminine look, a balance I like to play often when styling my outfits. Also, a good tailored blazer will do your autumn wardrobe wonders, believe me. I don’t have very many blazers myself but the ones I do have, I love to bits and wear every season. A navy blazer, a black blazer, a wool blazer, a velvet blazer and a tweed blazer are all excellent options to consider when building your capsule autumn wardrobe. Again, opt for more timeless colors and materials and stay away from designs that are too trendy.

The Boot

How high or low can you go? From ankle booties to mid-calf to knee to over-the-knee boots and beyond (oh my!), find a pair of boots that you know were made for walkin’! Play with heel and boot heights for the best style that compliments your figure and look. You can definitely rock the over-the-knee boots if you’re blessed with long legs. For my average height girls (like me) you can still rock the OTK boots, no problem. In fact, they will even help you look longer and taller thanks to the silhouette.

If you’re not a fan of walking in heels all day, definitely pick a height you’re comfortable walking in. Otherwise, a block or chunky heel boot will help ease the pressure on your feet if you like stomping around in heels all day long. There’s nothing sexier than a confident clip-clap of heels on the floor, wouldn’t you agree?

The Sweater

And to top off any bottom you choose, pair it with a chunky, oversized, fitted, turtleneck, cold-shoulder, cosy sweater. A black turtleneck sweater, a classic white button down shirt and a camel sweater are my go-to tops year after year. This season I’m particularly loving the bell sleeves, bow-tie details, stripes and the colour red.


These are the essential clothing pieces any girl should consider when curating an autumn capsule closet because honestly, the outfit combinations are endless with just these pieces alone. Of course, there are so many other key components to consider when it comes to style like accessories, basics, handbags and such but I can cover those in a separate future blog post if you like so please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Grace Armani, xx

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