To New Beginnings…

Hey, beautiful soul…

Note: This is the beginning a new series called ‘From My Heart To Yours’ where I will share bits of my life, so that you may get to know me better. In return, it is my goal that there will be those who will resonate, understand, be inspired and feel comforted from my experiences. Thank you for your love and support. The lovely encouragement and stories I receive inspire me to shine.

So far this new blogging venture has been fun, scary, inspiring and cathartic all at once and I am incredibly grateful for these experiences. While it’s a joy to write, I would like to stress how scary the process of writing used to be for me. As I sit down to brainstorm, write and edit, I am inundated with past experiences and self-limiting beliefs, which up until now has led me to believe that I am not a good writer – no, that I am not a writer in every sense of the word. Fortunately I’ve worked on transforming those beliefs and now I have expanding courage to continue writing.

Alright, so where am I going with this?

As an incredibly shy, naive, empathic, sensitive, creative and wildly passionate but too scared to express myself type of girl, writing and reading books was my safe place. I loved to build a tent on the bunk-bed I shared with my younger sister, crawl in with my books and dolls and escape to fantastical worlds filled with adventure, love, creatures, kind and generous people, unicorns, angels, mermaids, magicians, genies, parallel universes and machines with time-shifting capabilities.

My imagination was always on fire! But because I was inherently shy and soft-spoken, sharing my fabulous world with just about anyone was nearly impossible for me. I was either scared of rejection and being made fun of, but most of all, I didn’t have the ability to confidently articulate my ideas and thoughts into cohesive words. My spoken word was not nearly as strong and effective as my written word.

Cue the writing. Journaling became a near daily fanatical escape. Any thought, emotion, idea, poetry, lyrics – just about anything – was meticulously recorded in my loving journals. I became obsessed with this intimate release, as if the purging on a day-to-day basis was the only way I could breathe. I assure you that it’s not as unhealthy as may sound. I was still very active and social throughout my childhood, participating in sports teams, dance classes, music lessons and band practice and having a very healthy circle of friends with varying interests. But somehow, the “stuff” on a day-to-day basis as a child was too mundane for my liking; I yearned for something deeper to connect to (perhaps that’s my Scorpio moon). I thirsted for knowledge, not just the known but the unknown and even the occult (though I did not quite understand what that exactly entailed). All I knew was that I wanted to understand Life itself. Even as a child, and even to this day, I recall many days and moments of feeling out of place in this world. I wonder, can you relate?

Oh my, I digress. The point of this post is to reflect on my journey so far as a writer and as a new blogger but also to give some context for you, dear reader, as to the motivation I had for creating this blog and what you can expect from me in the future (I will keep it short from here on out!):

I aspire to inspire.

As Albert Camus said it best, “To create is to live twice.”

Embody the essence of beauty that is abundant in our world, which is capable of transcendence to otherworldly dimensions, and to share it.

Personify love, the purpose to which we have all been called to demonstrate; it is unconditional, infinite and free to affect, infect and heal everything.

Provide value and encouragement through inspired insight, wisdom, lessons, art, beauty and ideas.

Encourage the pursuit of our heart’s desires, fueling a passion for life and beyond.


With so much love,