Who is Grace Armani?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not remember when I asked you to ask me questions so you got to know more about me. Many of you left a lot of questions and I’m very thankful. Now I must admit, I was very surprised by the number of questions related to blogging. While I’m still quite new to blogging, I will do my best to share my tips and experiences I’ve picked up.

But before I get to your questions, here are a few things about me:

I love to play sports! Literally any sport however, I refuse to watch sports on T.V.

I grew up without cable so to this day I do not watch T.V., not because I didn’t watch it growing up but because I genuinely don’t like to watch it.

With that being said, the only T.V. sitcoms I absolutely adore are Frasier and Friends.

I am quite shy. In fact, I skip the blushing stage and go straight to sweaty palms and hot, beet red cheeks. TMI?

I love the rain, which is a good thing cause, Raincouver.

I always wanted to be, and feel like I could still be, a prima ballerina who races in the F1 in my down time.

Okay, let’s get into YOUR questions!

What is your darling dog’s name? How old is Toffee and do you have other pets? (thanks @stylewithrobin, @slipintostyle)

Toffee is his name and he is our family dog. He turned two on April 7th! I do not have any other pets at this time. (Shameless plug: Toffee has his own Instagram now!)

What’s your go-to accessory? (thanks @sayhuitolove)

In terms of jewelry, I love pearls. I also like to add a stylish hat, scarf, handbag or shoe to any outfit to style it up and make it my own.

How do you find inspiration for photos? (thanks @styleascension)

I find inspiration everywhere, to be honest! Anything that catches my eye, that I find beautiful and tells a story.

What’s your favourite pair of shoes? (thanks @notmycupofchai)

My vintage Ferragamo flats, for sure.

What made you start blogging/Why did you start blogging/How have you grown it since? (thanks @andreasoffroad, @fresh.fit.fab, @thisismjg, @englishlassinla, @daisylovesyouu, @sassandsun)

I started blogging because I love to write. I hadn’t been writing for a number of years due to school and career prior to starting my blog. Writing had always been a creative outlet for me. After a series of life events, I realized that I needed to incorporate this outlet back into my life to keep me sane and to release my thoughts and emotions in a productive manner. Also, I have an email list, where I share eBooks, tips and products to live an improved life so I wanted to write and share more articles, posts and imagery on a blog platform to add more value and that would be accessible to everyone. I wanted to share my life experiences and knowledge, in the hopes of helping others and finding my tribe.

As for growth, most of my traffic comes from my email list. The rest of my blog traffic kind of trickles in from my Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. I suppose it’s safe to say that I haven’t employed a growth strategy for my blog but that is something I am learning to do through SEO (help!).

How many hours do you work on your blog each week? (thanks @thevibescloset)

It varies from week to week as I haven’t figured out a schedule yet. Approximately 4 hours per week.

Who is your style inspiration? (thanks @_sheworethat_)

My style inspiration comes from classic films and Old Hollywood actresses! Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Leslie Caron inspire me with their grace, elegance, confidence and charm. Of course, modern-day fashion bloggers inspire me, too!

What’s your favourite colour? (thanks @theroving)

That would be purple.

Do you like exercise? (thanks @marissatdesigns)

Yes, I love to be active and exercise. I don’t like to go for runs though.

What inspires you most? Is there a specific thing/situation that gets you in a creative mood? (thanks @rubyredslippers, @thecosmolawlitan, @fashioncide)

Art, music, books, films, architecture, nature, people, and history inspires me the most. When I’m in need of a creative boost, I go to Instagram or YouTube for instant inspiration from all of you!

What is your favourite thing to do (besides blogging)/hobbies? (thanks @mintedinthemidwest, @chicibiki, @fashionablereststop)

Besides blogging, you can find me exploring around Vancouver, reading, writing, listening to music, going to live shows, watching a film, going for a hike or sitting in a cafe with my journal and people watching.

What do you do to switch off from social media? (thanks @alexandra.em)

A visit to the spa, naps, painting, reading, music and candles, also meditating and yoga help me to switch off from social media. But in all honesty, I am still learning to switch off on a more consistent basis so if you have tips, do share.

How long have you been blogging and do you have any advice for new bloggers? (thanks looklovelyliving, @thecosmolawlitan, @glennymah)

I have been blogging since February 2016. My advice for new bloggers is to start. Today. Find a platform that works for you and start sharing your thoughts, idea and inspirations. Don’t wait 8+ years like I did because there is no such thing as “the right time”. In life, results happen when we put in the work. And it’s a lot of work, truthfully. Use whatever resources you have right now and learn as you go along. Also, YouTube and Google is your friend!

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to blogging? (thanks @tiffanymarieschmoyer)

I would say the biggest struggle has been being disciplined in creating consistent content that is creative, engaging, unique and inspiring. Creating an aesthetic and voice that is unique to my work is an ongoing journey of discovering what works and what could be improved upon.

How do you balance blogging and the other components of your life? (thanks @blackdenimchic)

This is a great question because balance is something that I feel we are all trying to achieve in our lives today. I honestly haven’t figured out how to balance it all. Some days I will sit in front of the computer all day and night. Other days, I don’t put in nearly enough work. Since my business is purely online, it’s actually very important for me to be organized and to make time for other things I enjoy doing and for friends and family. I don’t have a specific strategy but my journal is definitely my best friend. I write a to-do list every day of all the things and events I have committed to. I also write a list of affirmations every day to help ground and center my thoughts and goals. Things like, “I am healthy. I attract kind and positive people into my life. I am financially prosperous.” Writing statements like this have helped with the balance.

Do you have a specific method for managing your time? (thanks @theleancollective)

Yes and no. Like I said, my journal is my best time management tool. I write a list of things I need to accomplish for the day, starting with the most important, and work my way down the list. I’ve set up reminders on my phone calendar to let me know when I should move on to a different activity, like posting on Instagram, when I should get some fresh air, take Toffee out for a walk, pick up the mail, etc…

Where’s your favourite place to shop? (thanks @bloomingwildandfree)

There are much too many to list but the top 3 places I shop are at Zara, Missguided, and Forever 21.

What are your favourite places to go for coffee in Vancouver? (thanks @rinasamantha)

I actually quit drinking coffee over 4 years ago so I may not be the go-to person for coffee recommendations. However, if you’re looking for a cute and work-friendly atmosphere, I definitely have a few favourites!

  1. Dalina – A bright and friendly Italian corner market/cafe has an array of fresh food, high quality tea and coffee, and tasty little treats. Seating is limited but they open till pretty late.
  2. Liberty – Shabby chic art and pink decor makes this cute Main Street spot a weekly favourite for me. The bakery and beverage selection makes for a great accompaniment to an afternoon visit. Lots of seating however there may be one or two plugs so if you plan on working, make sure your batteries are fully charged.
  3. Beaucoup – If you’re looking for amazing French pastries, buttery and flakey croissants, and the most decadent peanut butter cookie you’ve ever had in your life, you must go here. Very limited seating.
  4. Nelson the Seagull – Based in Gastown, there’s tons of space and fellow cafe-goers who park themselves for the day to work away. I’ve never had their avocado toast but apparently they’re one of the best in town.
  5. Birds and the Beets – In-house kombucha, fresh breads, stunning floral arrangements for you to take home… All in all, a gem. This spot has great food, great service and great atmosphere.


What are your top vlogging tips? (thanks @momez)

Google and YouTube is the best friend you will ever have when it comes to starting an online business/brand. There are so many amazing content creators who make videos giving tips and tutorials on how to vlog and edit so I recommend watching them religiously. I personally am subscribed to Video Influencers, Peter McKinnon and Derral Eves.

Have you lived in Canada your whole life? (thanks @bellebylaurelle)

Yes, I have lived in Canada my whole life. I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the case of an emergency, what is the first clothing item you would reach for? (thanks @xomelissavictoria)

Oh, this one made me really think at first of all different types of crazy scenarios! Simply, I suppose it would be a sweater of some kind to keep me warm. I am always wearing a sweater at home, rain or shine.

How is style in Vancouver different from style in other Canadian cities you’ve visited? (thanks @minimalismchic)

I wish I could give you an answer but I haven’t traveled past the Rocky Mountains since I was a baby! But in terms of observation, Vancouver is definitely very laid back in terms of style, which reflects the west coast lifestyle most Vancouverites enjoy, whereas I’ve been told that Torontonians dress in a sharp and stylish manner.

What are your top must-have items for Spring? (thanks @thomasrachael)

There are so many to list! A pair of white jeans, a flowy dress in a light colour, a floral blouse and cute sandals are good items to start with for a fresh Spring look.

What do you do outside of blogging? (thanks @beccawu)

I am an author, freelance writer and online marketer. I also provide ghostwriting services.

How would you describe your style in one sentence? (@moda.dfashion)

Feminine, classic and elegant minimalism.

How do you keep up your engagement? (thanks @twentytwolavendar)

Great question and this is a question that probably deserves it’s own blog post. From my experience, creating genuine relationships with others on social media not only helps boost engagement but also builds a community of like-minded friends and/or colleagues who truly care for one another. When you look forward to seeing other people’s posts/work, then you can best believe that others will feel the same way about your work. You get back what you give out.

You look like you’re in your early 20s but I’m curious about how old you are! (thanks @cubicle_chic)

You are too kind! I am in my early 30s and will leave it at that.. A little bit of mystery never hurt, right?

What are your blogging goals this year? (thanks @myohhmy)

My blogging goal is to work with at least three companies/brands that I love and to create content for them which pushes my creative boundaries and wows others.

Favourite bloggers to follow? (thanks @justlo_)

All of you! But the bloggers I have been inspired by for many years are Gary Pepper Girl, Sincerely Jules, Lust For Life, Emily Luciano, Dela Fard, and Lydia Elise Millen.

Thank you all so much for your questions!

Do you have a question for me? Please leave them as a comment below and I’d be happy to answer them!

Until next time, be Love…

Grace, x