Very Personal Life Update | Heart-to-Heart

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Health & Wellness, Life

Disclaimer: This very personal life update is kindly sponsored by Melitta. #PourOverIsBetter

Where to begin…

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you will already know that this summer has been a very disruptive, challenging, emotional, transformative, beautiful and painful time of my entire life (and yes, more of that will come in a separate blog post). For weeks I have wanted to make an appearance online to talk with you but it’s been hard emotionally to put into words just how I feel and what I’ve been experiencing. Finally, I realized I just need to sit down at my laptop, start typing, and see what comes of it; there will be no perfect way to express this. Ever.

Working for myself has been both wonderful and challenging. Since becoming an entrepreneur, I learned very quickly that I needed to instill a lot of self-discipline and practices that would ensure that I stayed on track to achieving my goals and projects. Among many things, I have to say that my daily morning ritual has been critical in setting my mind and day up for the success I strive to achieve. Not only does my daily morning ritual help me with my work, it also helps me with other areas of my life like in family, love, friendships, relationships, my spirituality practices and mental & emotional health. My daily morning ritual is simple and effective because I focus on what works for me and what I need and yes, that means tweaking it from time to time as I grow and evolve.

Amongst the life changes that have taken place over the past couple of weeks, one thing that has been consistent in my life is my daily morning ritual. I can honestly say that I would not be able to function as effectively if I didn’t have this practice in place.

I have found great comfort, satisfaction, and love when it comes to this dedicated routine as it’s a time to connect with myself, to invest in myself and to love myself. What better way to start every day than with self-love, right?

Here’s what’s been working for me:

As you’re about to drift off to sleep, set an intention to have a good day the next day. This intention will trigger your subconscious mind and will influence your thoughts and feelings to achieve just that. Get into a habit of not looking at a screen or monitor right before bed and/or checking social media.

As you wake up, get into the habit of giving gratitude for another day to live, a day to live your passions, experience beautiful moments and to share it with those you love. Being mindful and giving gratitude makes it impossible to feel down, grumpy, agitated, etc… Try incorporating this step with a morning activity, like when you’re brushing your teeth, taking a shower, doing your makeup or hair, or even while you’re making breakfast. In the few moments it takes to make my morning coffee with the Melitta pour-over, I give thanks for the goodness that is in my life and that is flowing into my life. The gratitude and love for life you focus on will attract more of the same energy, making for a good day ahead.

**NB: Be mindful of waiting to check your phone for messages, notifications and emails until after you’ve finished your daily morning ritual.**

Since discovering and instilling a meditation practice about five years ago, my life has overall expanded and grown. My spiritual evolution has been foundational in my life’s journey, my career path and in my relationships. I am noticing the benefits of meditating daily again this summer and would highly encourage you to implement a daily meditation practice into your routine.

As a child, I was such a bookworm but once I hit high school and university, I very rarely read or made time to read. I realize now in hindsight that once I stopped reading, my ability to focus on a task diminished. Social media outlets overtook the time I could spend reading. I quickly found myself in a vicious cycle of mindless consumption rather than mindful consumption. So reading a few pages a day in the morning is important, which helps to stimulate the brain in a positive manner and create useful productive neural pathways to promote a healthy brain and mind.

Most importantly, remember to take time to have fun and enjoy things and activities which bring you joy, satisfaction, creativity, purpose, calm and ease. If that means signing up for a course, a class, painting, writing, creating, programming, blogging, scheduling playdates, attending a show, being active, cooking, traveling, playing a sport, catching up on sleep, collecting items, spending time with family and friends, etc… whatever comes to your mind, go do it! Make it a goal to do one thing each day that is fun, just for you.

So if you’re going through a really rough time, feeling down, unhappy, hopeless, sad, lost, confused, or anything really… then this blog post is dedicated to you. It comes from the heart and from my own experience of what’s worked to help heal from a painful experience, move forward in life and thrive. I hope this helps you. Also, I’d love to know what has helped you?! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences and perhaps it can help someone out, too.

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Enjoy, my loves!
Grace xx