by | Jan 21, 2016 | Love

Imagine standing underneath a waterfall of love. Imagine the water rushing over you, over every crevice of your being, washing away all that doesn’t serve you and replacing all negative beliefs with loving and empowering ones.

Imagine flying through the air like an eagle. The flow of the wind hugging every curve of your body, the force of friction and pressure pushing down on your body and yet swiftly lifting you higher into the limitless sky, filling you up with immense awe and inspiration.

Imagine wrapping yourself in a cocoon as a caterpillar, knowing that you are on the precipice of life and death, of rebirth and transformation. The last few moments of “awakeness” as you drift off into deep consciousness, a journey of awakening and finding your true beauty, finally emerging glorious and triumphant in all of your gorgeous splendor as a butterfly.

Imagine life in this way, of living transformation. Every moment you are awake, you are dying only to give way to new perspectives, new experiences, new emotions, new memories, new relationships, new everything.

Let us embrace life with this in mind. Let us willingly embrace the continual cycle of life and rebirth that is infinitely in motion.

Flow like the waterfall of love. Flow like the powerful wind. Fly high like the eagle. Flow with life’s changes, trusting that the Universe always has the best of intentions, just as it does for the caterpillar and butterfly.

How do we open ourselves to the abundant flow of the Universe, without our ego getting in the way?

Unconditional love.

Specifically, unconditional self-love.

When the world begins to self-medicate with self-love, we can truly begin to experience a global shift in consciousness – from darkness to light, from dis-ease to complete ease.

When we begin to self-love, fear and everything that is inherently born from it dissipates. Even in the darkest of rooms, a single light can shine stronger and brighter. Its warmth and comfort brings much joy, strength and hope.

When we begin to love ourselves as passionately and ardently as we would a lover, we will find deeper happiness, passion, abundance and joy in our own lives.

When we fall in love with ourselves, life becomes brighter, sweeter, exciting, stimulating, rewarding, successful and empowering.

When we learn to lovingly assert our feelings and needs and honor our desires by listening to ourselves, we will realize that the answer and the cure can never be provided by anyone or anything.

When we learn to love ourselves, we will begin to realize each of our own innate abilities, talents, gifts and powers.

Self-love transforms our DNA to vibrate at a higher frequency. Self-love eradicates old beliefs, karma, and judgements our DNA may carry, even those from our past lives and of our ancestors.

Self-love for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is being proven by science that it is a powerful cure of all dis-ease.

The answer we are all looking for in terms of Life is in ourselves. We simply must have the capacity to love ourselves enough to realize that the answer is in each and every one of us.