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We are all experiencing a great shift in humanity and human consciousness at this time. As a result, we are all being called to transform. I’m a firm believer in periodic life reviews as a means of assessing what I’ve accomplished, where I’ve come from, what I’ve learned, where I’m going and how to best move forward. I know very well that this process can be frightening, overwhelming and daunting but I assure you that with loving guidance, it is incredibly insightful, empowering and motivating. So my friend, if you are at a cross roads or require a refresh in your life, know that you have come to the right place for help and inspiration!

So, why would one consider changing direction in life and what is the goal of doing so? Are you getting signs from the Universe that it’s time for a change or reboot?

Our lives begin to change when the routine of our daily lives changes in some way, big or small. If you’re trying to get into better shape, perhaps that means incorporating more frequent breaks and walks throughout your day. If you’re wanting to make new friends or find a partner, perhaps that means going out and learning a new hobby or taking a new class. If you’re wanting to experience more love and excitement in your daily life, perhaps that means allowing yourself the opportunity to express the love and joy already within you. If you require extra income, work on a passion project in your spare time until it provides you with an income to fully support yourself.

Whatever changes or improvements you desire to manifest in your life, here are three simple but surefire ways to get you started. If you’re asking why you should even bother making changes in your life, then I’m here to tell you that you deserve to have an ever increasing abundance of love, joy, wealth and health, every day of your life!


Every moment is an opportunity to be renewed.

An excellent ritual to implement into your day is to wake up and give thanks. This is a practice I have adapted from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, who would say, “thank you” three times upon waking up.

Also, make it a daily habit to bless and affirm your day/week ahead out loud. I like, “thank you for the successful day ahead of me; thank you for the abundance of opportunities for love, joy and success; I expect the best in my life; thank you for divinely protecting and guiding me towards the highest and greatest good of all involved”, and so on and so forth.

Recognize that every moment is a blessing. We are born in a moment, we also die in a moment. We fall in love in a moment. We decide who to call, what to eat, where to go, what to watch, etc… We can change in a moment. Anything can happen in a moment and in that moment, we are renewed.


Give to receive.

The art of living beautifully includes the ability to de-clutter and simplify our lives. When we observe that our surroundings are filled with “stuff”, it is an indication of the state of our soul and emotional state being overwhelmed and bogged down with “stuff”, which hinders the flow of abundance in our lives. Everything is energy therefore when it stagnates in areas of our lives, it starts to plug up, stink up and break down the flow of good energy that we are all infinitely blessed to receive.

Begin removing items in your life which have served their purpose by donating or finding new homes for them. Learn how to feng shui your living and work space. Remove yourself from environments, peoples (friends, family, colleagues), places and things that do not align with your highest and best version of yourself. If these things do not serve you positively, it need not be in your life. Let it go with love and gratitude for having served its purpose.

All great leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers will almost always credit their success to having surrounded themselves with people, places and things that are of high value, ie. you are the sum of the top five people you associate with. If you want to be successful, associate with people who are already successful. If you want to be loved, happy and accepted then associate with people who will provide the same. If you want to learn a trade, skill, hobby or craft, then associate with them to learn what you can. Observe the universal law of attraction in your life and see how like attracts to like.

Conversely, if you can share your goods, skills, talents, knowledge, gifts, abilities and experiences with others, then do so.

The more you give, the more you receive and are replenished.


Change your mindset.

Are you familiar with the saying, change your mind, change your life? The core fundamental to changing your life’s direction is to first change your mindset by reprogramming limiting beliefs and subconscious thought patterns that hinder you from living your full potential and life’s purpose.

For example, if you experienced an embarrassing moment as a child in front of your peers, more than likely you might be challenged with social anxiety, shyness and/or a fear of speaking in public. Or, if you have limiting beliefs about your self-worth, love and acceptance, then you might be challenged with the ability to be in a relationship, fear of abandonment, emotional manipulation, and abuse.

Powder Blue. Copyright GraceArmani.comIf you resonate with this, ask yourself why you feel this way and begin tracing that emotion back to the root of where it all began and from there, you can begin healing the negative experience(s). These are just a few examples. More importantly, please know that none of it is your fault. In the words of Sean Maguire (played by the late Robin Williams) to the troubled Will Hunting (Matt Damon) in the film Good Will Hunting (1997), “It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault…”

You are already worthy of love, acceptance, joy, abundance, prosperity, good health and wealth. In fact, you are already blessed with all this and much, much more. Know this with all your heart and you will begin to reprogram your subconscious mind and replace those limiting beliefs with the right information and programming to begin creating the positive changes that you greatly desire in your life. NB: If you’d like more techniques and tips to reprogram your mind on a consistent basis, click here for more resources.


By recognizing that every day, no – every moment! – is an opportunity to start anew, you have already taken back control over your life. Life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone, when you are challenged to grow, to become stronger, to be empowered, to think for yourself, to lead and to challenge others to do the same, you will attract the right people, places and things into your life that will further enhance and enforce the direction of your life. Life is a beautiful journey if we gratefully choose to have this outlook on life.


I would love to know if you’ve experienced a change in your life’s direction, how you did it and your own advice, if you have any! I will share how changing my life’s direction has personally benefited me in future posts.


With so much love,